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Is your whole store on the internet showroom?

Not currently. Only select items are on the internet. A lot of items sell quickly and never reach the internet showroom. While the internet is convenient we feel it is worth your time to visit our store

I want to purchase some furniture. Can I have it delivered in two weeks?

Our storage space is limited. We encourage pickup to be within 3 to 4 days. In special situations we have held items for a longer period of  time.

It’s the wrong color/size or style. Can I return it?

We’re sorry, but all sales are final. We will work with you to make sure the measurements and colors meet your needs before buying. Our goal is to have you as a satisfied repeat custome

I don’t want to place the item on hold, but it will still be here tomorrow- right?

Possibly. Unfortunately we have countless stories of people that waited and became disappointed when the item got sold to someone else. We do try to price our items reasonably and if you like the item it is best to purchase the item as they often sell quickly.

I found a piece I like, but I’m short on cash. Can I put the item on hold?

An item can be placed on hold with some money down and the balance paid within a few days. We can not place items on hold without a deposit.

What kind of payments do you take?

We accept cash, checks from local banks, Visa, Mastercard and debit cards.

I really like one of the pieces. Can you order one to match?

Most of our items are one of a kind, especially the recycled ones. A small number of our items are new and in most cases these can be ordered. Please ask.